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You’ve come to the right place for quality Jogjakarta handicrafts from an Indonesia based wholesale craft supplier. Jogjakarta is a well-established manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter of quality Indonesian woodcraft products. Our product range includes all the classic Javanese products like Wooden Mirror, Wooden Candleholder, Wooden Birdhouse, Fruit Holder, Wooden Ashtray, Wooden Table, Wooden Chair, Garden Ornaments, and Ducking Wood as well as many more handcrafted gift and home ware items from not only Jogjakarta but the entire archipelago of Indonesia.

Jogjakarta is a dynamic centre of arts, culture, religion and people. What comes out of this is a unique magical blend of mysticism, righteousness, peace, tolerance, creativity and, of course, the famous Javanese friendliness. These very attributes come together and serve as a root for the creation of what has developed and grown into a truly wonderful art and craft industry that Indonesia has become world renowned for.

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Our company was founded in 2005 .. Our company is located in Bantul, Jogjakarta .. You can contact us at +6285740868997 or email stevanusnugroho@yahoo.com…

Indonesian handicrafts in the global market place…..

Hand crafted gifts and arts and crafts from Indonesia have continued to gain in popularity over the years. Jogjakarta handicrafts now adorn the homes of millions of consumers the world over. At some time or another, you may have come across a hand crafted item that has caught your eye. Perhaps a melodic bamboo wind chime, or a cute brightly painted cat, maybe a leaf covered  photo frame, an elegant wooden sculpture, a hand woven cushion cover. These  and many other such items often originate from right here in Indonesia.  Indonesian handicrafts have rightly earned a dominant place in the highly competitive international giftware and furnishings market place. Millions of dollars of handicrafts are now being exported all over the globe annually to gift shops, supermarkets, department stores, wholesalers, importers and distributors. Indonesia Direct supplies quality Jogjakarta handicrafts to such entities and currently exports to at least forty countries all over the globe.

People and empowerment…..

Demand has meant that the Jogjakarta handicraft industry has thrived and it now provides employment and business opportunities for quite literally thousands of people. In addition to providing a livelihood for those in the handicraft industry, it has given a big boost to the economy. To truly appreciate how the handicraft industry functions and provides a living for so many people, one has to go off into the hills, far off the beaten track. For it is in the remote villages that you will find the true artisans of all of the handicraft products that Bali has become so famous for. It is here that whole Javanese communities are hard at work turning bits of wood, bamboo, metal, leaves and clay  into truly amazing and marketable products. That’s real empowerment for you!

Indonesian Communities…..

We draw on the production power of these remote Indonesian communities and provide assistance to manufacturers and artisans in the form of marketing via the internet and through direct promotion campaigns. This helps to keep the handicraft industry alive in Indonesia and provides many of the home industry manufacturers with a channel to sell their arts and craft wares. Many handicraft products that we supply are the creations of the highly skilled artisans mentioned above, but we are also a supplier of our own unique craft items that we have developed with the help of the very same people. Simply put, without them we would not have been able to achieve any of this. To this end, we look forward to continuing our drive to keep supporting the communities of   Indonesia by helping them to bring their unique skills and crafts to the world market

Come on in and see for yourself all the handicrafts that Indonesia has to offer. You’ll be truly amazed!

See our products…

1. Wooden Mirror

Welcome to our product page of Wooden Mirror, in which you can find detailed information of Wooden Mirror. Our Wooden Mirror is good in quality and

competitive in price. We are manufacturer and supplier of Wooden Mirror . We export Wooden Mirror. We supply OEM service of Wooden Mirror for you. We would manufacture Wooden Mirror following your specific requirement. We are looking forward to your E-mail and establishing cooperative relationship! We would provide professional Wooden Mirror with good services for you

1. Circle Wooden Mirror (WM-01)

2. Star Wooden Mirror (WM-02)

3. Rectangle Wooden Mirror (WM-03)

2. Wooden Candle Holder

I shaped a log from our firewood pile into a slab, and drilled holes for the tea lights. It’s pretty simple really- but the most important part is picking an attractive piece of wood, and paying attention to nice finish

A. Unfurnished Wooden Candleholder (WC-01)

B. Wooden Candleholder with Pillar (WC-02)

C. Wooden Candle Holder (WC-03)

D. Wooden Candle Holder (WC-04)

3. Wooden Fruit holder

A wide variety of wooden fruit bowls are made available by avenues a company manufacturing and supplying a variety of corporate gifts and household…

A. Handle Wooden Fruit Holder (WF-01)

B. Unfurnished Wooden Fruit Holder (WF-o2)

C. Wooden Fruit Holder  with Pillar (WF-3)

D. Wooden Fruit Holder (WF-4)

E. Wooden Fruit Holder (WF-05)

3. Wooden Table

Wood is a composite, active material that can only be used successfully if the craftsmen understand it. Tables crafted from wood have natural edges, which display the beauty and variety of Indian woods. These tables are extremely long-lasting, requires slight maintenance, and are resistant to damage, decay and splintering.

A. Unfurnished Wood Table (WT-01)

B. Natural Wooden Table (WT-02)

C. Wooden Table (WT-o3)

5. Ducking Wood

The Wooden Duck has searched for the best expressions of home decoration for everyday of the year including Christmas and other holiday.

A. Ducking Wood (WD-01)

B. Ducking Wood Craft (WD-02)

C. Wooden Duck (WD-03)

D. Wooden Duck (WD-04)

D. Wooden Duck (WD-05)

E. Wooden Duck (WD-06)

F. Wooden Duck (WD-07)

G. Wooden Duck (WD-08)

H. Wooden Duck (WD-09)

7. Others Products

We also serve other products such as:

A. Wooden Ashtray (WA-01)

B. Wooden Ornament (WO-01)

C. Wooden Ornament (WO-03)

D. Wooden Ornament (WO-04)

E. Wooden Ornament (WO-05)

F. Wooden Ornament (WO-06)

G. Wooden Ornament (WO-07)